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"Conflict is inevitable. Combat is optional."

Max Lucado

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process where two people or groups come together to resolve a dispute and/or come to an agreement.

In the first stage, we will have confidential one-to-one meetings to explore what’s happened and what the key issues are for you.

We will also conduct one-to-one confidential meetings with the other person (or people) you have the dispute with.

Once you are both ready and prepared, you will attend your joint mediation session where you will both be supported to talk through the issues, listen to each other and explore options. In a successful mediation, you will come to an agreement that will work for everyone.


As mediators, our job is to support everyone involved to talk and listen to each other.

We do not provide advice or counselling.

We facilitate and guide you through the mediation process.

All decisions and agreements will come from you and the people involved.    

We mediate cases in:

Bullying Claims

Business Workplace Claims

Disputes Between Founders

Interpersonal and Family


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